Fusion F450T

Fusion UV Systems’ unique technology of microwave-powered lamps for ultraviolet curing has proven itself the system of choice in over a decade of demanding production use around the world. These unique systems provide functional and decorative finishes on a variety of products – including cans, folding cartons, tags, labels, cups, tubes, resilient flooring, plastic film, and glass.

The microwave lamp operates without the metal electrodes required in conventional arc lamps and provides the most reliable, stable, and efficient UV curing system. It is the curing system of choice where minimal down time, minimum maintenance, and maximum product output are key performance parameters.

The F450T system contains three major elements: the electrodeless bulb, the irradiator, and the power supply.

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Features & Benefits



The Electrodeless Bulb

Long bulb lifetime 300 watt/inch mercury bulbs with full 8000-hour warranty. Many users report lifetimes well in excess of warranty period.
Rapid start and restart Eliminates requirement for shutters and associated shutter mechanisms.
High UV/low IR output Optimized bulb fill to give maximum ultraviolet output with minimum infrared. Less heat to substrate.
Rapid bulb change Bulb replacement requires minimal operating downtime.
Full cure width maintained throughout bulb life No blackening at bulb ends; therefore, no decrease in cure width with age of bulb.
Several different spectral outputs Enables users to optimize UV wavelength with the reactive sensitivity of chemistry being used and the desired properties of the end product.

The Irradiator

Focused elliptical reflector Concentrates maximum UV energy on substrate. Simple bulb changes can be accomplished in minutes.
Positive air cooling No water cooling required. Positive air flow through the reflector forces dirt, dust, and vapors away from the reflectors and the bulb, maintaining system cleanliness and reducing maintenance.
Engineered modular design Adjustable cure width with no limitations. The 10" modules can be placed end-to-end for uniform cure, or turned on independently to save energy costs for narrow width runs on wide systems.

The Power Supply

On/off/standby control Allows easier, quicker job/press startup procedures.
Safety interlocks Improved operational safety.
Production line connections Lamps automatically switch on and off with production line.
Production interlock Lamp output monitored to eliminate product spoilage.
Pullout control board Eases service and component change.
Full fault indicator array If any section of the UV curing systems fails, controls indicate the location of the failure.
Master/slave option For multiple power supply configuration. User programs master power supply to control others.


All specifications are for a single lamp system, whose length is 10.5" (267 mm). A larger system is made by adding more irradiators and power supplies. Modules placed end-to-end form continuous lamps in lengths which are multiples of 10.5" (267 mm). Items with an asterisk (*) increase proportionately with the size of the system.

Irradiator/Blower: Model I250B with K250 Blower

Lamp Power 300 w/in (120 w/cm); 3000 Watts total.
*Dimensions 10.5" (267 mm) long x 8.2" (208 mm) wide at base; 11.9" (302 mm) wide at blower top x 26.0" (660 mm) high.
*Weight I250B: 59 lbs. (27 kg).
I250: 27 lbs. (12 kg).
*Cooling 220 cfm (6.2 m³/min) of filtered air at 4.4" (112 mm) water static pressure (1100-1500 Pa) inside irradiator case.
Reflector Geometry Elliptical, bulb at focus.
Substrate Location 2.1" (53 mm) from irradiator face, for maximum irradiance.
Mounting Position Any angle with respect to vertical.
Mounting Enclosure Supplied separately from lamp system.
Option The integral blower can be replaced by a remote blower connected with flexible hose to the irradiator. The irradiator weight is 30 lbs. (13.6 kg) and height is 13.1" (333 mm) (not including adaptor for connecting hose). Refer to irradiator model I250.

Power Supply: Model P150

*Dimensions (max) 17.5" (445 mm) wide x 8.2" (208 mm) high x 25.8" (655 mm); additional 12" (305 mm) clearance suggested for cable connectors and rear access.
*Weight: P150 145 lbs. (66 kg).
Cooling Self contained, rotary fan on front panel.
Control Functions Power: ON/OFF; Lamp: ON/STANDBY/OFF.
Connections 26' (8 m) cable assembly from power supply to irradiator supplied by Fusion UV. Other standard lengths are available. Multiple power supplies interconnect with a single pre-wired cable.
Line power connections and fused disconnect supplied by user.


*Line Power 5.6 KVA, 3 phase.
Line Voltage 200/208/220/230/240/460/480 VAC, 60 Hz or 200/208/220/230/380/400/415/440 VAC, 50 Hz available.
Control Power Supplied internally.
*Exhaust 300 cfm (8.5 m³/min) per irradiator required to be exhausted.
Compressed Air None required.
Water None required.

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