Fusion Light Hammer 10

Operating in the power class of 600 watts/inch, the Light Hammer® 10 features two easy-to-service modular components: the microwavepowered irradiator and the solid-state power supply. At the heart of Fusion UV’s technology is the electrodeless bulb mounted in an elliptical reflector for focusing an intense strip of light 53 mm (2.1 inches) below the face of the lamp. Offering many advantages over traditional drying methods, our systems have been shown to increase production speed, reduce reject rates, improve scratch and solvent resistance, and facilitate superior bonding.

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Higher Efficiency from the Solid-State Power Supply

Each lamp system has its own microprocessor-based, modular power supply. The high voltage circuit inside the power supply consists of a solid-state, switching engine. This reduces ownership costs because it extends the life of the magnetron and the bulb by supplying a constant non-fluctuating source of power to the lamp. The solid-state electronics run cooler and more efficiently – saving money on power, reducing environmental noise and space requirements. Power output from 35% to 100% can easily be controlled from the front panel or remotely through a PLC (programmable logic controller). This variable power feature permits matching of the lamp output to the machine/line speed or to the ink/coating demands.

Built-In Communications Software

Utilizing DeviceNet™, our sophisticated control system allows multiple lamp systems to be interconnected and controlled individually or as a group. It also allows the collection of system operation data that will enhance preventative maintenance and line productivity.

Improved Cure

The ultimate benefits of the Light Hammer® 10 are the achievement of higher degrees of conversion, higher speed and better depth of cure than is typically achieved with other UV sources. (Process patents: US 6908586B2 and US 7037460B2)

Electrodeless Technology

The microwave-powered lamp and its electrodeless bulb technology have proven themselves over time and in hundreds of demanding applications. These long life bulbs are known for their stable performance, high intensity and low maintenance operation.

Fast UV Curing from High Peak Irradiance and Low Infrared

The small diameter bulb combined with the elliptical reflector provides high peak of UV irradiance for highspeed cure. The small diameter bulb also reduces infrared emission resulting in lower surface temperatures of the substrate, thus eliminating the need for complicated heat removal methods.

Popular Bulb Spectra Available

The standard bulb spectra are available: “H” spectral distribution is suited for clearcoats and varnishes; the “D” spectral distribution is popular and proven for inks and thick coatings or adhesives; and the “V” distribution is effective in the UV curing of white basecoats, through laminating materials and in other specialty applications.

Multiple Lamp Systems

To operate multiple lamps in a system, a controller with master DeviceNet™ compatibility is required.

Features & Benefits



Solid State Power Supply
Continuously Variable
Greater Efficiency
Lower Ripple
Lower Weight
  • Variable Power output – from 35% to 100%
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Longer life of internal components
  • Stable Bulb Output
  • Ease of handling
Improved Magnetron Control
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Longer magnetron life
Quick Restart Mode
Rapid UV Output change from full power to low power; and return to full power immediately on command
  • Quick system re-start after temporary interruption
  • Eliminates need for costly mechanical shutters (not intended for continuous cycling)
Industrial Communication Protocol
DeviceNet™ slave
  • Standard hardware from multiple manufacturers
  • ODVA controlled standard
  • Computer Interface possible
  • Capable of PLC control
  • Monitor and control individual lamps


System Designation

Power Supply LHP10
Irradiator LHP10
Available Input Voltages (50/60 Hz) Three Phase 200-240 VAC, 380 VAC, 415 VAC, 480 VAC
System Ambient Operating Temperature 0-50° Celsius
Relative Humidity 30-95%, non condensing
Altitude 0-1000m
Mobility Stationary position

LH10 Communication Bus

Transmission Media DeviceNet™
Configuration Two twisted pair wires (24 V dc power and signal) plus drain in one cable
Theoretical Bus Capacity 63 nodes per DeviceNet™ master controller (customer supplied)
Data Rates Max Cable Length (Drop & Trunk)
Thin Cable* Thick Cable Flat Cable
500 kb/s 100m 100m 75m
250 kb/s 100m 250m 200m
125 kb/s 100m 500m 420m
* Only Thin Cables are available from Fusion UV Systems. Other types of cables can be purchased from other manufacturers of DeviceNet™ media.

Power Supply Model LHP10

Mag Current @ 100% Power 880 mA/Mag
Output Range 35% to 100%
Input Voltages 200-240 VAC, 380 VAC, 415 VAC, 480 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Max Line Current for 380-480 V version 20 Amps maximum
Max Line Current for 200-240 V version 32 Amps maximum
Dimensions (W x H x L) 423 mm (16.6 in.) x 217 mm (8.6 in.) x 808 mm (31.8 in.) for 380-480 V, 819 mm (32.3 in.) for 200-240 V
Weight 37 kg (81 lbs.)
Rear Clearance 305 mm (12 in.)
Enclosure Rating IP20 (NEMA 1)
Enclosure Finish Textured chemical resistant finish
Line Power @ 100% 8 kW

Irradiator Model LHI10

Output @ 100% Power 600 W/inch
Weight 19 kg (42 lbs.)
Dimensions Same size as I600M type
Cooling Requirements 8.9 m³/min. @ 2750 Pa (315 scfm @ 11.0 in. w.c.) at irradiator inlet. 1600 – 2000 Pa (6.4 – 8.0 in. w.c.) inside the irradiator
Reflector Geometry Elliptical (with bulb at focus)
Substrate Location 53 mm (2.1 in.) from face of lamp, for maximum irradiance
Mounting Position Any angle with respect to vertical
Footprint 267 mm x 200 mm (10.5 in. x 7.9 in.)
Exhaust Recommend 130% of the nominal volume of cooling air be exhausted
Housing Collar 149 mm (5.9 in.)

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