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EMIUV, long considered a leader in UV cured adhesive technology, has extensive experience formulating specialty adhesives that include UV cure cationic epoxies, UV cure acrylics and urethanes, and thermal cure epoxy systems. With experience in supplying such demanding markets around the world as computer disk drives, micro-electronics, and photonics, EMIUV introduces the mCAST product line to the medical device market.

Attention: please specify the relevant mCAST part number (e.g. mCAST 7123-4K) with your order.

This exciting new product line includes:

  • UV and UV and/or thermally curable cationic epoxy formulations
  • UV and UV and/or thermally curable acrylic and urethane formulations
  • Single and two component thermally curable epoxy formulations
  • Water-based acrylic emulsions

mCAST products feature a wide range of physical properties, many of which can be modified to suit your specific requirements.

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General Overview

Unique to the medical market, the mCAST product line contains several UV cure cationic epoxies. This exciting chemistry enables UV cured polymers to have the following properties:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Extremely low ionic contamination
  • Low outgassing
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Superior chemical and moisture resistance
  • Virtually odorless
  • Cationic cure mechanism exhibits "dark cure"

EMIUV has extensive custom formulating and packaging experience with experts on staff to assist you with any medical device or other assembly application you may have. Our flexible manufacturing system allows for fast and accurate scale-up and turnaround time for all mCAST products.

EMIUV is known for its ability to modify existing formulations or create entirely new formulations to solve your toughest application requirements. In addition to the mCAST line, EMIUV offers a wide range of standard adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, and gaskets.

Our formulation lab invites you to submit your application for a free test and we will send you an EMIUV materials recommendation.

mCAST Product Descriptions



7010 General bonder for inorganic substrates, other viscosities available.
7020 High strength glass and metal bonder.
7123-4K Best PC bonder, tough and clear.
7124-1K Soft, flexible, dry surface.
7101 Fast cure, low intensity UV cure, plastics bond.
7104 Needle bonder, optically clear for dissimilar substrates.
7105-5K General bonder, slightly thixotropic, other viscosities available.
7222 Cationic epoxy, general bonder.
7360-10K Fast room temperature cure, high Tg.
Techcryl 6376 High solids acrylic emulsion PSA for direct skin application.

mCAST Product Specifications

mCAST Product Specifications Table

Part Number Chemistry Viscosity Hardness Color Elongation Bond. Substr. Cure Mechan. USP Class VI
7010 AC - UV 2,000
78D Clear /Straw 30% Glass, Metal UV Exposure TBD
7020 AC - UV 150 80D Clear 3% Glass, Metal UV Exposure TBD
7123-4K AC - UV/Vis 4,000 50D Clear 255% Plastics UV Exposure Yes
7124-1K AC - UV/Vis 1,500 50A Clear 175% Pebax, Hytrel UV/Vis Exposure Yes
7101 AC - UV/Vis 75 85D Clear 5% PC, Polyester UV/Vis Exposure Yes
7104 AC - UV/Vis 75 75D Clear 200% Plastics, Glass, Steel, Aluminum UV/Vis Exposure Yes
7105-5K AC - UV / Thermal 5,000 80D Clear 30% Glass, Metal UV /Thermal Yes
7222 EP - UV 400 80D Clear /Straw 30% Pebax, Hytrel, Glass, Steel, Aluminum UV Exposure Yes
7360-10K EP - Two Component 10,000 85D Pale Amber 1.50% Plastics, Glass, Steel, Aluminum Room Temperature Thermal TBD
Techcryl 6376 Water-based Acrylic Emulsion 10,000 N/A Clear N/A Tapes, Films, Patches, Fabrics Moisture Contact TBD

Please Note: fluorescent adhesive formulations are available.

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