OmniCure Cure Ring Radiometer

The OmniCure® Cure Ring Radiometer complements your OmniCure® Cure Ring to provide the most accurate form of process control for precision manufacturing. By enabling the output power from the OmniCure® Cure Ring to be measured directly at the cure site, the OmniCure® Cure Ring Radiometer ensures a repeatable process.

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Features & Benefits



Measure light output from a Cure Ring Reliable process control
Small form factor Easily adapted into any assembly process



Spectral Range 300-600nm
Calibration Range 320-500nm
Dynamic Range 83mW to 2.5W
Accuracy +/-5% Typical 10% Maximum
Resolution 10mW
Functions Auto-Power OFF, Hold, Power and Control Panel Software Supported by OmniCure® R2000
Certification CE marked, RoHs Compliant



OmniCure Cure Ring Radiometer DimensionsOmniCure Cure Ring Chart

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