UV LED Heads (385nm and 400nm)

The UV LED Heads have been uniquely designed, utilizing superior materials for highly efficient cooling to maximize continuous operation without over-heating. This will minimize costly down time and extend the life of the LED heads resulting in low cost of ownership and convenience that can be relied on. Due to its superior design, and if properly clamped, the head may be used continuously without over-heating.
UV LED Wavelengths Available: 385nm and 400nm

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Features & Benefits



High Irradiance UV LED technology 9,500mW/cm² Maximum Irradiance at 385nm.
Intelligent UV LED Head with Intelli-Lamp® Technology Longer lifetime, reduced UV LED head replacement, and lower cost of ownership all while offering 10,000 hours or three years of UV LED 'time-on'.
Ultra-Cool LED heads Maximized continuous operation without over-heating.
Adherence to Category Safety Standards RoHS compliant and meets CE requirements.



UV LED Light Wavelengths Available 385nm and 400nm
Typical Maximum Irradiance 9,500mW/cm² at 385nm with 3mm lens*
9,000mW/cm² at 400nm with 3mm lens*
Typical LED Lamp Lifetime 20,000 hours**
LED Temperature Monitoring LED temperature monitoring and over temperature protection by patented Intelli-Lamp® technology
LED Lifetime Monitoring LED number of hours of operation monitored by patented Intelli-Lamp® technology
Cable Included with the Head Length: 1 meter (Extension cable also available: 1m, 3m and 10m)
Head Dimensions Head outside diameter: 12mm
Long head length: 130mm
Short head length: 55mm
Light Source LED Class, Risk Group 2
Certifications & Safety Standards RoHS compliant and meets CE requirements
Warranty 10,000 hours or 3 years, whichever comes first
*Typical Maximum Irradiance Variation +/- 20% (as specified by the LED device manufacturer)
**With 100% initial output at 25°C temperature and secured to standard installation clamp. This data is for reference only.

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