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Alpha UV Systems is proud to represent EIT Instruments for UV Instrumentation in the Australian and New Zealand market places. EIT Instruments are known for their superior build quality and reliability.

Many leading formulators and manufacturing companies around the world insist on EIT UV instruments to check and measure UV light performance. EIT Instruments have become the benchmark in the UV Radiometry Industry.

EIT uses its own resources to design, manufacture, assemble and distribute instruments that measure and track process control information in UV applications. EIT radiometers and on-line monitoring equipment provide UV users with the widest choice of instruments on the market. The radiometers are NIST traceable and are available in a variety bands.

Reasons why your business should use EIT Instruments:

EIT Instruments
  • EIT has a world-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality UV measurement instruments.
  • EIT offers ongoing technical support. You can reach EIT support personnel via telephone, fax, or email and receive a prompt response.
  • EIT uses filters and detectors in their calibrated instruments that are as closely screened and "matched" when possible, providing the user with instruments that read alike and give measurements that are repeatable and reliable.
  • Buying an EIT instrument guarantees genuine EIT factory service for calibration and repair (filters, detectors -- items that are proprietary that no one else can duplicate or replace).
  • Qualified EIT technicians perform all the work.
  • Turnaround time for calibration is guaranteed 5 to 10 working days, with 2 to 3 day turnaround typical. Fast turnaround service is optionally available at additional charge.
  • For every calibrated instrument, EIT logs a lifetime historical "service and calibration" record. This information can be accessed for the life of the product.
  • All instruments are warranted for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • All EIT calibrated instruments are NIST traceable.

Please Contact Alpha UV Systems for information on how EIT Instruments can help your business.