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Alpha UV Systems is proud to represent Lumen Dynamics in the Australian and New Zealand markets. When it comes to Spot Curing Lumen Dynamics is at the forefront of this technology, Lumen Dynamics is known internationally as a world leader.

Lumen Dynamics has evolved into a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of light-based delivery systems through more than 25 years of progressive, revolutionary products and applications.

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OmniCure® is the recognized global leader in curing systems for precision assembly using light-cured adhesives. With over 25 years experience and representation in more than 70 countries, OmniCure® Systems are the most advanced in their field.

Whether manufacturing medical devices for the human body, electronics industry assembly or components going into space, there is no room for failure. OmniCure® UV adhesive curing systems are trusted by critical industries everywhere to give perfect quality adhesion time and time again.

The leading-edge OmniCure® Platform delivers stronger, faster cures of UV adhesives resulting in improved quality, rapid production and reduced manufacturing costs. OmniCure® Spot Curing Systems also offer supreme control, allowing users unparalleled levels of customization and precision not found in other UV adhesive curing equipment.


Medical Applications

The use of UV and visible light curing adhesives is an important assembly technique for medical device manufacturers due to their rapid processing, cure on demand nature, ease of automation, lower energy requirements and solvent free bonding.


Optoelectronics Applications

Advanced UV/Visible spot curing is critical in the assembly of many optoelectronic applications which typically require the highest standard in precision control and quality for the active alignment and bonding of delicate optical materials and components.

Electronic Assembly

Electronic Assembly Applications

Manufacturing of electronic parts is often part of a high volume automated process. UV spot curing provides a high speed, repeatable assembly process for high volume manufacturing. OmniCure® UV systems are designed to be easily integrated into an automated process.


Optics Applications

The OmniCure® UV spot curing products can be used when bonding a variety of plastics, stainless steel, glass, rubber and similar or dissimilar substrates; we specialize in sealing, coating and repair applications.

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