Alpha UV Systems is proud to represent one of the world’s leading chemistry suppliers in the Australian and New Zealand market places. EMI adhesives and epoxies are known for their superior quality and performance characteristics.

Electronic Materials Incorporated (EMI) has over 15 years of experience formulating and manufacturing UV curable adhesive and epoxy systems for many different industries.

EMI Adhesive Systems

EMI Adhesive Systems

In addition to offering our complete line of EMCAST UV adhesives, epoxies, sealants, encapsulants and coatings, EMI also offers room temperature, thermal and visible light cure adhesive systems.

These materials can be Electrically & Thermally conductive systems, Surface mount adhesives, glob tops, and Chip Underfill materials. With custom formulating, packaging and application services, EMI can provide solutions to all of your adhesive applications, UV and others!

EMI products are distributed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia via a network of independent distributors and representatives. UV curable adhesives continue to be our main focus.

The primary markets we serve include Data Storage (HDD), Opto-electronics, general micro-electronic assembly and medical device assembly. We strive for continuous manufacturing efficiency improvements via larger, faster equipment.

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