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Alpha UV Systems is proud to partner Fusion UV Systems in Australia for sales and service.

Fusion UV Systems, headquartered in Maryland, USA, is a leading global manufacturer of industrial UV curing systems. The company was founded in 1971 with the invention of microwave-powered UV curing systems. Today, Fusion UV Systems are the world's largest manufacturer of UV equipment and systems to customers around the world.

Representing Fusion UV Systems, Alpha Services provide UV lamps, cure systems, process designs and service for your application of UV-cured inks, coatings and adhesives onto wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper. Fusion UV Systems microwave-powered UV lamp and bulb technology is universally recognized for outstanding stability and long operational life.

Just as UV curing revolutionized the drying process, Fusion UV Systems has revolutionized UV curing with electrodeless lamp systems that last much longer (as much as 8 times longer) and maintain stable output – significant advantages over conventional arc lamps.

Fusion UV Systems offer a variety of spectral outputs in several lamp system designs so you can match the lamp output to your specific needs. There are no limitations on cure widths. Fusion UV Systems modular lamp systems can be placed end to end for a uniform wide cure, or configured into any position for curing three-dimensional parts.

UV Curing Oven

UV Curing Oven

Fusion UV curing systems are vital to the manufacturing of thousands of items people use every day. The patented technologies include the use of microwave power to generate intense UV light from electrodeless bulbs. This results in the ability to cure coatings more quickly, improve productivity, reduce costs and promote environmentally friendly manufacturing.

More than 10,000 customers use Fusion UV systems and equipment. They represent a wide range of markets and applications, and include some of the world’s largest corporations.

Fusion UV Systems maintain sales and distribution channels in 25 countries throughout the world.

If you are looking for a reputable trusted UV solution for your workplace then the choice is easy – Fusion UV Systems.

Please Contact Alpha UV Systems for information on how Fusion UV Systems can help your business.