Fusion LC6B Benchtop Conveyor

The Fusion LC6B Benchtop Conveyor is a production UV curing unit that is suitable for laboratory and R&D applications. It can also be used in testing of adhesives, inks and coatings for qualification, cure response testing, or performance evaluation. It can handle a variety of substrates up to 7-1/2 inches wide with an effective curing width up to 6 inches. The lamp and housing are adjustable to accommodate parts up to 3 inches high.

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Features & Benefits



Works with Fusion UV model F300S or Light Hammer® 6 lamp system With the compact Fusion UV model F300S or Light Hammer® 6 lamp system, the LC6B offers an ideal curing system for small production parts. A unique and simple mechanism allows the lamp to be rotated and set to any angle to part travel, or raised and lowered to vary its distance from the part.
Superior Cooling The LC6B uses air flowing through the belt to provide cooling and to help keep small sheets or parts in place throughout the curing process. An internal exhaust blower assists with cooling. The one-piece molded housing provides easy access to internal components.
Kevlar® Belt The specially designed open-weave Kevlar® belt is Teflon® coated for smooth performance, and treated to eliminate static charges. The unique seam design provides an essentially uninterrupted belt surface.
Range of Models There is a choice of 4 models and speed ranges from 2.0 to 250 feet per minute (0.6 to 76 m/min). Speed is displayed by a digital speed indicator on the front panel.
Intuitive Lamp Control A convenient lamp control switch is also located on the front panel, with a zero-speed sensor incorporated, to provide lamp control and protection for the belt.



Lamp Position Rotatable, 360°; vertical adjustment from focus at belt surface to 4" (100 mm) beyond focus.
Belt .25" weave Teflon®-coated Kevlar® fiber, carbon-impregnated, with unique fold-back loop seam.
Direction of Belt Travel Right-to-left, standard.
Speed Indicator Digital, in ft/min or m/min.
Speed Ranges Four options available. See Table 1 on the reverse side.
Drive PMDC gearmotor; Synchronous belt drive; interchangeable pulleys provide two ranges for each model, low speed and standard speed.
Controls Power on/off, speed adjust, lamp on/off.
Interconnections Lamp on/off (incorporates zero-speed switch).
Exhaust Blower Included -internal.
Fasteners Metric.
Power 117/230 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, internally selected. IEC style power connection, with power switch.

General Specifications

Nominal Width 6" (152 mm).
Overall Length 42" (1070 mm).
Overall Width 20" (510 mm).
Overall Height Without lamp: 12.2" (310 mm); with lamp: 27.4" (695 mm).
Weight Without lamp: 55 lbs. (25 kg).

Options Available

  • Recommended: Snap-on end light shields.
  • Choose from top-access or end-access styles.
  • Exhaust duct transition.
  • Quartz plate air deflectors.
  • External end reflectors.
  • Left-to-right belt travel (opposite direction).
  • Special belts for small parts.
  • Stainless steel mesh belt.
  • Adaptable to hold 2 lamps (without rotatable feature).

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