Fusion UV F300s

The Fusion UV F300S is a production-proven 300 watt/inch microwave-powered electrodeless lamp, packaged in a compact 6-inch modular unit. An optional integral blower makes installation and setup especially easy and is perfect for lab or other facilities where blower and ducting installation is difficult. Indicator lights make operating the system intuitive and easy.

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Features & Benefits



Electrodeless Technology The microwave-powered lamp and its electrodeless bulb technology have proven themselves over time and in hundreds of demanding applications. At the heart of the microwave technology is the tubular electrodless bulb in an elliptical reflector that focuses an intense strip of UV energy onto the surface in front of it. These long life bulbs (no metal electrodes as required in conventional arc lamps) are known for their stable performance, high intensity and low maintenance operation. Frequent on/off operation has no adverse effect on UV output or bulb lifetime.
More Efficient and Faster UV Curing from High Peak Irradiance and Low Infrared The small diameter bulb combined with the elliptical reflector provides high peak of UV irradiance for high-speed cure. The small diameter bulb also reduces infrared emission resulting in lower surface temperatures of the substrate, thus reducing the need for complicated heat removal methods. The system features two easy-to-service modular components: the microwave-powered irradiator and the power supply.
Advanced Irradiator Rigid aluminum construction incorporates both the bulb and reflector assembly. The major benefits of this design are:
  • Higher production rates - The focused elliptical reflector concentrates maximum UV power 53 mm (2.1 inches) below the lamp face.
  • Reduced maintenance - No water cooling required. Positive air flow, using only filtered air, forces dirt, dust, and vapors away from the reflectors and bulb, maintaining system cleanliness and long bulb life. Irradiator modules are available with integral cooling blowers. Simple bulb changes can be accomplished in minutes.
  • Energy savings and flexibility - The modular design enables adjustable cure width. The 6" modules can be placed end-to-end for uniform cure, or turned on independently to save energy costs for narrow width runs on wide systems. When placed end-to-end, there is no loss of illumination at the juncture of adjacent lamps.
User Friendly Power Supply The power supply embodies simple controls and easy interconnections. The benefits are:
  • Easy, Quick Start-up - On/off/standby control allows easier, quicker start-up procedures.
  • Safe operation - Safety interlocks built in.
  • Eliminate scrap - Lamp function monitored to eliminate product scrap or waste.
  • Easy production line integration - Lamps automatically switch on and off with the production line. - Production interlock.
  • Easy maintenance and troubleshooting - Pullout control board eases service and component change. If any section of the UV curing systems fails, a front panel indicator identifies the cause. A fault can signal other production equipment. Multiple power supplies can be interconnected with a simple communication bus to provide common control and fault indication.
Electrodeless Bulb
  • Long bulb lifetime - 300 watt/inch mercury bulbs are guaranteed to last a minimum of 8,000 hours. Most users report lifetimes well in excess of warranty period.
  • Rapid start and restart - Eliminates requirement for shutters and associated shutter mechanisms.
  • Less heat to substrate - Optimized bulb fill to give maximum ultraviolet output with minimum infrared heat to substrate.
  • Reduced maintenance - Long life means fewer changes and bulbs simply snap in and out requiring minimal operating downtime.
  • Full cure width maintained throughout bulb life - No blackening at bulb ends; therefore, no decrease in cure width over time.
Popular Bulb Spectra Available Different spectral output bulbs enable users to optimize UV wavelength with the reactive sensitivity of chemistry being used and the desired properties of the end product. Simply swap the bulb type in the irradiator with no change to the power supply. Additives in the bulb create the different spectral distributions. Because there are no electrodes in the bulb, the bulb will have long term output stability and long life. Consequently, Fusion UV bulb life guarantees exceed all other medium-pressure lamps. The standard bulb spectra are available: “H” for clear-coats and varnishes; “D” for inks and thick coatings or adhesives; and “V” for white basecoats, through laminating materials and in other specialty applications.



Control Functions Power ON/OFF; Lamp: ON/STANDBY/OFF-RESET.
  • UNIT: Lamp Out, Power Imbalance, Power Error, Power Interrupted, Power Supply Temperature, Blower Pressure.
  • SYSTEM: System Blower, External Interlock, RF Interlock (RF Detector).
Test Points Available on front panel.
RF Detector Model RF1, with 13' (4 m) connecting cable (other cable lengths available).
Connections 13' (4 m) cable assembly from power supply to irradiator (other cable lengths available). Line power connections and fused disconnect to be supplied by user.
Service Access Removal of cover.
Stacking Up to three power supplies may be stacked; soft feet fit into top dimples.
Power Connection 200-240 V, 18 amp, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase.
Cooling Self contained internal fan.

General Specifications

Dimensions 13.9" (353 mm) wide x 7.2" (184 mm) high x 15.8" (402 mm) deep. An additional 12" 300 mm) clearance is recommended for cable connection access at rear.
Weight 68 lbs. (31 kg).

F300s Parts

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Part Number

Description/Link to Part Product Page

580445 PWB control Board
581141 Bridge Rectifier
584441 Filter material (square)
66398 Filter Material
558434 D Bulb
558432 H Bulb
558431 H+ Bulb
587622 Air Pressure switch assy
588451 Photo cell assy
78612 Magnetron
590701 Filament Transformer
19711 Screen
590003 R500 Refector assy kit (Blue) QCS
581661 R500 Reflector assy kit (Silver) QCS
292161 R500 Reflector assy kit (Blue) Standard
527311 R500 Reflector assy kit (Silver) Standard

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