OmniCure LX400+

The OmniCure® LX400+ offers ultimate control and repeatability for UV curing manufacturing processes to ensure consistent reliability and highest product quality. Found in the OmniCure® LX400+, our patented Intelli-Lamp® technology allows users to monitor the UV LED temperature in real time. Using the Latest UV LED Technology, the OmniCure® LX400+ accelerates assembly manufacturing processes and saves costs on energy consumption.

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Features & Benefits



NEW Sequential Exposure of Channels 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the New Channel Configuration Mode FP6 Customized multi-phase curing processes directly from the LX400+ controller, without using an external control unit.
Uses the Latest UV LED Technology for Maximum Irradiance at Different Wavelengths:
  • 9,500mW/cm² at 365nm
  • 9,500mW/cm² at 385nm
  • 9,000mW/cm² at 400nm
Reduction in UV assembly manufacturing costs with faster curing time and higher power efficiency while supporting a wide range of UV cured adhesives.
Precisely controls the UV Light Exposure Time (+/- 0.1 second) and Intensity Level (+/- 1%) of up to four Different UV LED Heads Consistent repeatability in UV curing assembly manufacturing processes for highest product quality.
Highly Efficient and Intelligent UV LED Heads with Extra Cooling Capability and patented Intelli-Lamp® Technology Maximum UV LED head power efficiency, long term reliability and guaranteed lifetime.
High Energy Efficiency from using the latest LED Technology Approximately 75% less energy consumption than a typical UV arc lamp curing system.
Controls up to 4 UV LED Heads simultaneously or independently using a single controller Versatility in production setup for running up to 4 UV curing heads simultaneously or independently.
NEW LED Head Temperature on Display Optimum efficiency in UV curing manufacturing processes while extending UV LED head lifetime.
Autonomous and Robust UV Curing System with Compact Dimensions Highest performance in dense and harsh manufacturing environments; no additional cooling required.
Certifications & Safety Standards Compliance with CE and RoHS requirements.
User-friendly front panel control Ease of use for quick system set-up in a matter of minutes.


User Interface Description

Interchangeable UV LED Heads 1 to 4 individual heads
LED Indicators Indicates Timer Control, Level, Trigger Mode and Emission (UV ON)
Mode Control Mode and Up/Down buttons to control the display mode
Timer Programmable trigger mode:
  • Countdown Mode: Range programmable from 999.9s to 0.1s, in 0.1s intervals
  • Count Up Mode: User control timing via the front panel or foot pedals
Level 15%-100% (with 1% increments)
Start/Stop Control start or stop of the LED emission
Key Switch Turn on/off controller
Flashing Alarm Over temperature protection and lamp-off alarm for LED Heads
Foot Pedal Control start or stop of the LED Emission
Controller Dimensions W x L x H : 7.55” (191.77mm) x 6.6” (167.64mm) x 2.9” (73.66mm)

External PLC Control Description

Method PLC (See the manual for more details)
External Input Start/Stop, intensity level selection, lock out front panel interface and timer mode selection
External Output Emission alarm

Operating Conditions

Operating Voltage Controller Supply Input: 12 VDC Input to AC adaptor: 100-120VAC or 200-240VAC (+/-10%) & 50/60Hz.
Power Consumption 72W max at 120VAC
104W max at 240VAC (with 4 UV LED heads in operation)
Ambient Temperature/ Humidity Range 5° to 35°C, 85% max. (no condensation)
Storage Temperature/ Humidity Range -10° to 60°C, 85% max. (no condensation)
Certifications & Safety Standards RoHS compliant and meets CE requirements
Warranty 1 year

LX400 vs LX400+

OmniCure® LX400 vs LX400+ Advanced UV LED Spot Curing Systems

OmniCure® LX400+ system includes three new functions compared to the previous LX400 version:
NEW UV LED Head Temperature on Display Displays UV LED head temperature during and between UV light exposures in real time. This results in optimum efficiency in UV curing manufacturing processes while extending UV LED head lifetime.
NEWTwo Additional Foot Pedal Channel Control Configurations: FP5 and FP6 Channels 1 & 2 vs 3 & 4 simultaneously
In FP5 mode, foot pedal #1 controls channels 1 and 2 simultaneously and foot pedal #3 controls channels 3 and 4 simultaneously (see the Foot Pedal Channel Control Table below).
Sequential Exposure of Channels 1, 2, 3, and 4
In FP6 mode, foot pedal #1 sequentially exposes channels 1, 2, 3, and 4. This channel control configuration mode allows for customized multi-phase curing processes directly from the LX400+ controller, eliminating the need to use an external control unit to implement multi-phase curing processes.

Foot Pedal Channel Control

Foot Pedal Channel Control Table


Patented Intelli-Lamp® Technology
At the heart of the OmniCure® system is the unique Intelli-Lamp® technology.

Pre-Aligned & Focused Snap-in insertion automatically senses the Intelli-Lamp®, eliminating the need for operator alignment or focusing.
Automatic Lamp Hour Tracking The Intelli-Lamp® technology automatically maintains the lamp hours directly on the lamp to facilitate activation of lamp warranty if required.
Broad Spectral Output The Intelli-Lamp® provides output across virtually the entire visible and UV spectrum, making it suitable for a wide range of adhesive/substrate bonding applications.
Built-In Reflector Each Intelli-Lamp® includes its own new reflector, eliminating the need for reflector replacement.
Hot-Strike Prevention Automatic lamp striking cools and prevents hot-striking to protect lamp life.

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