OmniCure S2000

The OmniCure® S2000 UV/Visible Spot Curing System is the most intelligent UV adhesive curing system of its kind in the UV assembly manufacturing processes. The new enhanced features and upgrades provide the user with optimum power and outstanding control features making it most ideal for use in both automated and manual adhesive curing processes.

Found exclusively in the OmniCure® S2000, Lumen Dynamics' proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback technology enables manufacturers to design UV curing assembly processes with higher yields and lower costs.

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Features & Benefits



NEW Faster Shutter Activation Time 70% improvement of shutter activation latency increasing productivity, especially for high volume manufacturing.
NEW Downloadable StepCure® Software Download customized multi-phase cure profiles directly to the unit. No need for a permanently connected PC.
NEW Modified PLC Level Mode Provides a software-selectable mode increasing versatility.
200W UV lamp technology with up to 30W/cm2 of output and a 2000 hour lamp life guarantee Lower operating costs.
Intelli-Lamp® Technology to cool lamp and monitor lamp hours Maintain optimum operating condition, stable lamp output, longer lamp life, accumulated lamp hours.
2 UV Lamp Options Special UV lamp technology for acrylic adhesives provides a tack-free surface cure.
Closed-Loop Feedback Technology Automatically maintains a constant output for a repeatable curing process.
External PC Controlled Beneficial for automated assembly processes.
Adjustable light output in 1% increments Allowing very precise control of UV lamp output.
Easily combined with the R2000 Radiometer Calibrate and set absolute irradiance levels wirelessly from a single reference point.



UV Lamp High Pressure 200 Watt Mercury Vapor Short Arc
UV Lamp Life 2000 hours (guaranteed)
Available Filters Standard: 320-500nm
Optional: 250-450nm*, 365nm, 320-390nm, 400-500nm, 250-600nm*
Panel Controls Power On/Off, Display Mode, Adjust UP/DOWN, START/STOP, lock/unlock
Panel Displays Accumulated UV Lamp Usage, Exposure Time (0.2 - 999.9sec), iris setting (0-100%) / irradiance level 0.2W/cm² - 40W/cm²), lamp on, shutter open, calibrated, light guide inserted, shutter/lamp error, lamp warm-up
Warm-up Period 4 minutes (typical)
Power In 100-120VAC / 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Supply High efficiency, switch mode, line isolated

General Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 13.3" x 7.1" x 7.9" (33.8cm x 18.0cm x 20.1cm)
Weight 9.9lbs (4.5kg)
Includes Lamp Module, Selected Filter (installed), Protective Eyewear, Grounded and Shielded Power Cord, Foot Pedal, Manual


1 year (excluding UV Lamp and Light Guide)

Closed Loop Feedback

Closed Loop: Feedback Comparison

The Advantages of Lumen Dynamics' Proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback Automatic Correction to Lamp Intensity Drop-off

Over time, lamp intensity diminishes effective curing. The OmniCure® S2000 internal intensity sensor monitors light output in real time, and opens the iris to automatically correct light output within +/-5%, ensuring repeatable and measurable doses of energy leading to increased yields and quality.

A PLC/audible alarm warns when the lamp can no longer generate the set irradiance level. Now you can use your lamp until the end of its lifetime, without the requirement to check for lamp intensity.

OmniCure Closed-Loop Feedback Comparison

Calibration with the OmniCure® R2000 Radiometer offers real time display of irradiance on the OmniCure® S2000.

  • The only system that can be calibrated in real time for NIST accuracy
  • Ideal for automated or semi-automated environments
  • Often imitated - never duplicated
  • Developed by Lumen Dynamics


Patented Intelli-Lamp® Technology
At the heart of the OmniCure® system is the unique Intelli-Lamp® technology.

Guaranteed Long Life The OmniCure® S2000 Intelli-Lamp® has a guaranteed 2000-hour lifetime and the OmniCure® S1000 Intelli-Lamp® has a 2000-hour typical lifetime.
Pre-Aligned & Focused Snap-in insertion automatically senses the Intelli-Lamp®, eliminating the need for operator alignment or focusing.
Automatic Lamp Hour Tracking The Intelli-Lamp® technology automatically maintains the lamp hours directly on the lamp to facilitate activation of lamp warranty if required.
Broad Spectral Output The Intelli-Lamp® provides output across virtually the entire visible and UV spectrum, making it suitable for a wide range of adhesive/substrate bonding applications.
Built-In Reflector Each Intelli-Lamp® includes its own new reflector, eliminating the need for reflector replacement.
Hot-Strike Prevention Automatic lamp striking cools and prevents hot-striking to protect lamp life.

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